A Tragic Story

A local mum has asked me to share this with you all, its a tragic story...please share with all your baby friends to ensure this never happens again...just awful. 

"A birth month forum user that I also often use has just had their 7 month old die of suffocation from a nappy sack. The cot was next to the change unit and the baby had pulled themselves up and got to the bags. The bag had got stuck on the babies face causing an almost silent death.

It's such a common danger, babies are attracted to the rustle and the smell of nappy sacks. Unlike carrier bags they don't have safety holes in them. I myself had a load of them in my nappy bag until today.

The link below has more info:


I know it's a bit of a downer, but really made me think about how fragile little lives are, and how quickly they can be lost through something that few people have probably thought about, me included. The Rospa website has lots of information about baby proofing your home. It is so easy to not make simple changes when you're busy, and I know myself that having had baby number 2 I am not the completely safety conscious, paranoid, kill joy mother I was with baby number one.

The key is to baby proof with the changing needs of your child, whilst remembering that you may have to accommodate children who are at different developmental stages. The suffocation incident was also partly due to the fact that the cot mattress hadn't been lowered, enabling greater access.

The mother concerned is being so courageous and posting her story to raise awareness of the danger of nappy bag suffocation. She wants something positive to come out of a truly heartbreaking tragedy.