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Author: Dr. Chig Amin

Dr. Chig Amin is the principal dentist and owner of the Epsom Dental Centre. Chig and his team are passionate about keeping teeth healthy and teaching children good oral hygiene practices from a young age.
Image by Eugene Luchinin
By Dr. Chig Amin1 June 2015

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Being vigilant about your oral hygiene is always important, but if you are pregnant it takes on another level of significance. This is because how you take care of your mouth and teeth during those nine months could affect not only your own oral health, but also your baby’s oral health too. Read more

Image by Tamaki Sono
By Dr. Chig Amin7 May 2015

Tooth Brushing Made Fun

Any parent will agree that it can be a little challenging to get your child to brush their teeth. There are many ways to encourage them to take care of their teeth, but children tend to love approaches that incorporate fun and games the most! Here are a few apps and games that you can try with children that might persuade them to take better care of their gums and teeth. Read more

Image by makelessnoise
By Dr. Chig Amin20 April 2015

5 techniques to calm your child before a trip to the dentist

Any parent will agree that taking their child to the dentist can be a challenge to say the least. Children can sometimes develop a fear of the dentist, making it difficult for parents to organise a check-up for them. For the parents with an anxious child, take a look at these five techniques to calm your child before their trip to the dentist. Read more

Image by Liz West
By Dr. Chig Amin3 April 2015

What to expect on your baby's first visit to the dentist

Oral health is a part of a person’s general overall health. It’s important to maintain your baby’s teeth from the very beginning with proper dental habits and regular visits to the dentist. Most dentists recommend that babies visit the dentist at the appearance of their first baby teeth. Read more

By Andy Wright
By Dr. Chig Amin28 January 2015

Children's Oral Health: Basic Bad Habits that Affect Your Child's Teeth

As soon as your little one’s first tooth grows through, it is admittedly an exciting stage of your child’s development. It is also a signal that this is the beginning of your parental responsibility in promoting and encouraging a continuous dental health regime. One that your children will adopt and continue with, once they’re all grown up and have flown the family nest. Read more