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Author: Louise Wheeler

As a Colchester-based single mum of two, I’m passionate about unearthing factual, unbiased information to help parents cut through the swathes of misguided ‘advice’ and internet nonsense.
By Louise Wheeler13 August 2014

Is co-sleeping safe? What you need to know about the latest study.

A new study has suggested that bed-sharing is the biggest factor in sleep-related infant deaths. But what does this mean for co-sleeping families, and how confident should we be about the researchers’ conclusions? Read more

By Louise Wheeler9 March 2014

Baby Massage Classes in Essex

Looking for baby massage classes in Essex or the surrounding areas? Want to book a private 1-to-1 session? Here is a list of baby massage instructors near you: Read more

By Louise Wheeler9 March 2014

Becoming a Baby Massage Instructor

Baby Massage is a specialised nurturing activity that has benefitted thousands of families across Essex. For some parents, the experience has such a meaningful effect on them that they choose to continue the practise by training to become a professional baby massage instructor. Read more

By Louise Wheeler9 March 2014

Baby Massage at Home: Handy Hints

Baby massage has been a long standing parenting technique practised in many cultures across the world, including Africa and India. Introduced to the west in the 1970s, it is now recognised as a useful tool for bonding and is reported to have a number of other psychological and physiological benefits, such as reduced crying, improved digestion and sleep, and relief from ailments like colic and constipation. Read more

By Louise Wheeler10 January 2014

Laindon toddler escapes nursery

A two-year-old boy who escaped from a day nursery was found walking alongside a busy road by a Good Samaritan. Read more