Baby born after surviving ectopic pregnancy

A baby girl has beaten 50,000 to one odds by surviving her mum’s ectopic pregnancy and the trauma of an invasive operation.

Callie Martin, 26, suffered three miscarriages before finding out that she was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, a potentially fatal condition where the baby begins to develop in the fallopian tube.

“It felt as if I'd never be a mother,” said Callie, who was 'simply devastated' when she thought her dreams of having a baby with partner Kailan Broughton, 24, were over.

However, four weeks after having emergency surgery to remove the embryo, Callie felt a pain in her stomach and was rushed to hospital for an ultrasound scan.

It was then that doctors discovered there was a second baby was developing normally in her womb, known as a heterotopic pregnancy.

“My consultant said the surgery usually would have killed the other embryo and induced a miscarriage,” said Callie. “So it is truly miraculous that Emmie is alive.

“When doctors told me I was still pregnant I thought they must be wrong.

“But when they showed me the scan and I saw her heart beating, I was just overcome with joy.”

Little Emmie was delivered six weeks early by caesarean section in August, weighing 6lb.

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