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Image kindly provided by Tracy Williams Studio Photography

The Return To Work

"I had always enjoyed my work and building a career, I had plans to continue my studies…and then something changed, I became a Mum!" - Emma Blair, franchisee of the Tigerlily Childcare Agency and Tigerlily Crèche Company, talks to us about how she created a great home/work balance by making a career change.   Read more

Tracy Williams Studio Photography

Starting Big School in September

Many parents will now have received much awaited news…the Primary School their little one will be attending in September!
Lots of children can't wait to start school, but even for the most confident of four year olds, it can be a bit daunting. Here are some ideas to help your child through the first day. Read more

Childbirth without Fear

My name is Steph, mum to three boys aged 16, 14 & 10 and I am a Birth & Post Natal Doula and Hypnobirthing (HB) teacher.

I first learned of the benefits of HB when I attended a birth as a Doula in early 2011. My client was having her third baby and was using HB during the birth process, as she had done with her last two s. She delivered her baby at home, in a calm and quiet atmosphere with no pain relief. She had achieved the birth SHE wanted. It was an empowering experience to be part of and I just knew that this was something I had to learn more about, it truly inspired me. Read more

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A Tragic Story

A local mum has asked me to share this with you all, its a tragic story...please share with all your baby friends to ensure this never happens again...just awful.  Read more