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Baby & Toddler

By Louise Wheeler18 May 2015

Back to Work: From Breast to Bottle

For many mums, concerns about weaning their baby from breast to bottle can leave them even more anxious about returning to work. Read more
By Louise Wheeler14 May 2015

The Best Way to Play: Independent vs Structured Learning

Sam Flatman, an Educational Consultant for Pentagon Sport, explains why it is important to let children experience both independent and structured play. Read more

By Louise Wheeler11 May 2015

Why are children in nappies longer?

You may have heard that children are in nappies longer than they were in previous generations. There has been a steady increase in the age when children become potty trained; it’s risen from two in the 1960s to around three or 3 ½ today*. Read more

By Louise Wheeler9 May 2015

Neighbour threatens parent over outdoor play

Spring is a time when children love to play outside in the garden, and who would begrudge them a little frolicking in the sunshine? For one angry neighbour in Arizona, outdoor play and laughter is awful enough for them to consider it a criminal offence. Take a look at this anonymous letter that was shoved through the door of a US parent and later shared on Reddit. Read more

By Louise Wheeler8 May 2015

Controversial breastmilk ice cream makes a come back

A company which sold controversial breastmilk ice cream in a Covent Garden restaurant in 2011 has now re-launched its product. Read more