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Baby & Toddler

Image by Sander van der Wel
By Louise Wheeler23 April 2015

Night weaning a bottle fed baby

What do you do if your older baby is still waking in the night for a bottle and you would like to break the habit? Sleep consultant Judy Clark, of BabyWinkz, shares her advice for night weaning a bottle fed baby. Read more

Image by makelessnoise
By Dr. Chig Amin20 April 2015

5 techniques to calm your child before a trip to the dentist

Any parent will agree that taking their child to the dentist can be a challenge to say the least. Children can sometimes develop a fear of the dentist, making it difficult for parents to organise a check-up for them. For the parents with an anxious child, take a look at these five techniques to calm your child before their trip to the dentist. Read more

By Louise Wheeler17 April 2015

Photographer perfectly captures life with a toddler

Life with a toddler isn’t always as easy as it looks, and to prove the point one mum has documented her parenting life with a funny and touching photo shoot.

Read more

By Louise Wheeler16 April 2015

Expert slams Kim Kardashian as ‘irresponsible’

A health expert has criticised Kim Kardashian for becoming the latest celebrity to treat their child as an ‘accessory baby'. Read more

By Louise Wheeler14 April 2015

Natural Alternatives to ‘Sweet’ Baby Weaning Foods to Avoid Early Tooth Decay

Dr Jenny Kabir, head dentist and founder of the Fresh Dental Smile Clinic, offers some natural alternatives to sweet baby weaning foods to help children avoid early tooth decay. Read more