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By Louise Wheeler17 June 2015

1 in 3 UK parents admit to not using a car seat

A third of UK parents (32 per cent) have admitted to taking their child on a car journey without a valid child car seat, new research has found. Read more

Image by Kristine Paulus
By Louise Wheeler16 June 2015

One in 5 children think oregano is an actor

Despite decades of the ‘5 a day’ message being boosted by government health groups, a high number of children and adults are still unsure about the origins of our fruit and veg, new research suggests. Read more

Image by Associated Press
By liz shaw30 May 2015

Emotional open letters from Sharon Osbourne and Victoria Beckham

“You’ll never fall because I’m there to catch you,” says Sharon to her three children.

Sharon Osbourne and Victoria Beckham are among many celebrities who have written wonderful heart warming letters to their children. The open letters were published by TIME to celebrate Mother's Day in America. Read more

Image by Simone Meier
By liz shaw28 May 2015

Children turn to pets and not their siblings

Research recently carried out by the Centre of Family Research found that when children are facing adversity, such as illnesses, bereavement, instability and divorce are more likely to confide in the family pet than any of their brothers or sisters. Read more

Image by Carissa Rogers
By Roma Felstein26 May 2015

How to spot secondary drowning

Did you know that dry drowning (secondary drowning) can kill a child or adult hours after he has been submersed in water? It is not something we think about. After the initial shock of a near drowning episode we are so thankful that all is ok that we breathe a sigh of relief and vow to be more vigilant. Read more