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By Tamsin Malone21 March 2014

Mother wins her battle to postpone her little boy starting school

According to The Telegraph, Mary Lawler has successfully appealed to Bradford council over her three year old son starting school this September. Read more
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By Tamsin Malone14 March 2014

Leaving children in the car

One of our mums from Mersea has got in touch to ask for your advice on whether it is ok to run into a shop while her children sleeps in the car. Apparently it’s against the law in some States in the US. Is there a law against it in the UK? Read more
By Tamsin Malone27 February 2014

Are Police Officers about to get criminal convictions if they take their children on holiday during term time?

There is an article in the Daily Gazette for Clacton, Frinton and Walton which says that “Police officers could be punished by the police force” if they take their children out of school during term time, for a holiday. Read more
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By Judy Clark18 February 2014

Should a childs bedroom be a place for them to sleep or a playroom too?

Should a child’s bedroom be a place for them to sleep or a playroom too? Essex Baby blogger, Judy Clark, thinks this is a difficult question to answer and explores this topic in her latest blog. Take a read and let us know what you think. Read more
By Tamsin Malone13 February 2014

The underwear rule is PANTS!

Despite not wanting to think about it, child abuse happens, and all too often, but how do we keep children safe by explaining what types of abuse there are without scaring them? Help is at hand from the NSPCC. The charity has recently launched a campaign called ‘The Underwear Rule’ to help parents keep children safe from abuse without using scary words or mentioning sex. Read more