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Photo by Anatols, Big Stock Photo
By Vanessa Moon11 February 2014

Choosing schools for your little ones

The prospect of checking out schools was an exciting one for my husband and I. We were expecting variations in teaching standards, size of the school, resources and behaviour. What we were not expecting was a swing from one extreme to another which left us angry by what we saw. Read more
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By Tamsin Malone28 January 2014

Should I let my 3.5 year old use devices such as iPads, PCs or children

Help please! A mum from Halstead has emailed us to ask about whether or not pre-schoolers should have access to devices such as iPads, computers, mobile phones and tablets. She said: Read more
By David Castillo Dominici,
By Tamsin Malone21 January 2014

Is my child autistic?

One of our Essex Baby community mums has sent us a message that she'd like us to post as she is panicking about whether or not her son is showing early signs of autism, feelings which have been fuelled in part by the fact that her nephew has autism. She says:

Read more
By Steve Cukrov,
By Tamsin Malone2 December 2013

Christmas letters from Santa

Have your children written letters to Santa sharing all their wishes and desires for Christmas? If so, the Royal Mail will send them a letter back – direct from Santa – and it’s a FREE service! (Bravo Royal Mail!) Read more

By frannyanne,
By Marilyn Griffin5 November 2013

The education of our children is all wrong!

Education is a subject dear to my heart and I will state at the outset that I think we have got the education of our children all wrong! Our schooling tends to stifle creativity and personality and is more about containment. My personal view is that we should tear up our state education policy and start again, from the very beginning. Read more