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Image kindly provided by Tracy Williams Studio Photography
By Essex Baby Author24 May 2013

Should I be concerned about my child

Having children and watching them develop can be both an amazing and terrifying experience for many parents. The joy felt when a child takes their first step could coincide with anxiety if they can’t manage as many words as some of their peers.

So when should you be concerned if your child’s first words don’t come or if their speech is difficult to understand? Read more
Image kindly provided by Tracy Williams Studio Photography
By Essex Baby Author7 May 2013

Natural ways to alleviate eczema in babies and children

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a common condition that affects many children in the UK. Atopic eczema is a constitutional condition marked by dry skin, red raised papules, a tendency to thickening of the skin, and itching. Read more
Tracy Williams Studio Photography
By Essex Baby Author11 April 2013

Starting Big School in September

Many parents will now have received much awaited news…the Primary School their little one will be attending in September!
Lots of children can't wait to start school, but even for the most confident of four year olds, it can be a bit daunting. Here are some ideas to help your child through the first day. Read more
By Tamsin Malone19 June 2000

Camping Holiday Club

St John Bosco Children’s Camp

The St John Bosco Centre provides an opportunity for children to have an exciting, activity-packed camping holiday in a countryside setting. Activities include football, cricket, netball, swimming (supervised in a pool), climbing, archery (instructor led), mountain biking, fishing, art and crafts, table tennis, basketball, chess, draughts and many other games. We are a Catholic camp and Mass or a Communion service is held each day. Children and helpers are encouraged to attend. All children are required to attend Sunday Mass. 

St John Bosco Children’s Camp, near Colchester

Boys’ camps: 26th July – 2nd August & 2nd – 9th August. Girls’ camp: 9th – 16th August. £140 per week all-inclusive. Boys' Camp Booking enquiries (Paul Hayes): 01708 509790 (6-9pm only). Girls' Camp Booking enquiries: 01634 311350 (6-9pm only). Email:

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