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By Louise Wheeler3 May 2015

Tips for Gardening with kids

Encouraging children to help out in the garden can give them green fingers for life. Here are our tips for enjoying gardening with kids: Read more

Image by Devon Christopher Adams
By Louise Wheeler25 April 2015

Children's screen time averages 6.5 hours per day

Children's screen time now averages of more than six hours each day, a new report suggests. Read more

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By Dr. Chig Amin20 April 2015

5 techniques to calm your child before a trip to the dentist

Any parent will agree that taking their child to the dentist can be a challenge to say the least. Children can sometimes develop a fear of the dentist, making it difficult for parents to organise a check-up for them. For the parents with an anxious child, take a look at these five techniques to calm your child before their trip to the dentist. Read more

By Louise Wheeler19 April 2015

Cut childhood obesity by banning junk food adverts, say parents

New statistics have shown that the majority of parents in UK believe that stopping children from watching junk food adverts could cut childhood obesity. Read more

By Louise Wheeler18 April 2015

Iveco Cement Mixer

Essex Baby Review

With so many toys and gadgets on the market, it is difficult for one toy to stand out from the rest. We have decided to take a look at one of the newer options for boys, the Iveco Cement Mixer. Read more