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By Louise Wheeler2 May 2015

Nearly half of UK parents don’t save for major life milestones

As the Government allows parents to exit Child Trust Funds, which were scrapped in 2011, in favour Junior ISAs, new research suggests that nearly half of UK parents are not saving for their child's future. Read more

By ninaredden21 April 2015

The Gap Between Siblings

Is there such a thing as ‘perfect gap’ between babies? Mummy blogger, Nina Redden, discusses the complicated issues that parents face when they begin to think about the gap between siblings. Read more

By Louise Wheeler16 April 2015

Expert slams Kim Kardashian as ‘irresponsible’

A health expert has criticised Kim Kardashian for becoming the latest celebrity to treat their child as an ‘accessory baby'. Read more

By Louise Wheeler15 April 2015

Rising childcare costs force parents out of work

Rising childcare costs in the UK may be forcing parents out of works, says a new report. Read more

By Louise Wheeler8 April 2015

Baby employers breach EU Working Time Directive

Every mum knows that looking after young children can be exhausting. So exhausting, in fact, that caring for a baby actually puts new mums in breach of the EU Working Time Directive. Read more