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Pregnancy & Birth

Image by Steven Depolo
By Louise Wheeler3 October 2014

Iron deficiency linked to autism risk

Older mums-to-be who suffer from an iron deficiency are five time more likely to have a baby with autism, a new study suggests. Read more

Image by Behdad Esfahbod
By Louise Wheeler1 October 2014

Pregnancy hormones may affect math skills

Children may find maths difficult because of their mother’s hormones during pregnancy, a new study has claimed. Read more

By Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee,
By Tamsin Malone8 September 2014

I’ll eat my placenta, says Atomic Kitten star

Natasha Hamilton, pregnant star of pop group Atomic Kitten, has attracted a new kind of media attention after stating that she intends to eat her placenta once she has given birth to her fourth child later this year. Read more

By Tamsin Malone7 September 2014

7 things the NHS won’t tell you about birth

Birth and early motherhood can seem extremely daunting in the build up to D-Day, especially when well-meaning family, friends and total strangers start offering titbits of terrifying advice. They may genuinely be trying to help, but last thing a pregnant mum needs to hear is a gruelling account of a 48 hour labour. Read more

By Tamsin Malone4 September 2014

One to One Midwives are coming to Essex

From this September, One to One Midwives, an NHS commissioned service, will be providing additional maternity care options for women in North East Essex. Read more