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Pregnancy & Birth

By Essex Baby Author9 July 2013

What to expect

Birth plans

It is a good idea to make a birth plan with your preferences in terms of labour positions, any pain relief you are happy to have and what you would like to happen after the baby is born. Read more
Image kindly provided by Tracy Williams Studio Photography
By Lisa Clegg23 June 2013

What do you really need in your hospital bag?

It is best to pack yours and the baby’s items that will be needed into a bag a few weeks before your due date. I recommend having it ready as early as 32 weeks, as it is so much nicer to be prepared in an emergency situation-rather than relying on a partner or family member to get everything needed and bring to the hospital at a later stage. Only you really know what you want to have in it. Read more
By Essex Baby Author1 June 2013

Be prepared!

I think it's fair to say that when it comes to birth stories, you generally only hear of absolute horror stories? Prior to having my children, my thoughts on birth followed two paths, the first being that it would be excruciating agony and I would just take every single drug available to me to block it out, the second being that I just really didn't want to think about it at all, it was obviously going to happen at some point and I was just going to have to deal with it. Read more
By Essex Baby Author27 May 2013

My Fantastic Birth Doula

It was my to be my fourth birth. My previous three births had all been in hospital, all induced due to being ‘late’ which started a cascade of interventions and pretty much, I felt, mental torture. In all three births I handed myself over to the idea that drugs would make it better, when in fact all they did was made me lose even more control of my body and most importantly, the birth. Read more
Image kindly provided by Tracy Williams Studio Photography
By Essex Baby Author21 May 2013

Mothercare - Baby and Me Events

Mothercare are holding their Baby & Me Club expectant parent events this week. These events will give you a great opportunity to hear invaluable advice from their in store experts and learn more about key parenting topics to prepare you for your baby’s arrival. You can bring a guest with you so please bring along your partner, mum or friend. Read more