Father attends birth using virtual reality

A father who works over 2,400 miles away from his family has attended his third child's birth using virtual reality headset, Samsung Gear.

Although work commitments meant that Jason Larke would be unable to welcome his baby in person, the wonders on technology allowed him to be closer to the event than he could ever have thought possible.

Using a Samsung Gear virtual reality headset, Jace was able to enter the delivery room and witness the birth as if he were really there.

Commenting in the video, Jace says, “We need all the money we can, so I’m away working. It’s tough, but I think in the long-term it’s definitely going to benefit us.”

His wife Alison admits that the distance and duration of Jace’s work makes having a normal family life difficult.

She says: “In WA (Western Australia), a big part of the workforce in FIFO, so flying in and flying out.

“They’re really hard on the workers and the families. Four weeks away, only one week at home. It’s just… it’s too much. FIFO is a sacrifice.

“I don’t want to start crying, but there have been times when it’s been really emotional and hard to think about going through it all on my own.”

You can watch the couple’s moving experience here: