Mega Bloks First Builders

Essex Baby Review

With so many toys on the market today, it has become even more of a challenge to know what to buy! But if you have a little builder on your hands, these Mega Bloks First Builders sets are worth a look.


We will be taking a look at three items:

Firstly, the Mega Bloks Build-n-Learn-Table - a creative building block toy, that is portable and easy to use as a travel toy with bright stickers to decorate the blocks.

Next, the Mega Bloks Big Building Bag (Classic 80 Pieces), which is a great addition to any Mega Bloks collection, with a selection of 80 pieces from the standard blocks to an attachable wheelbase, all of which comes in a portable, pvc bag.

Finally, the Mega Bloks 1-2-3 Learning Train, which is great teaching tool for young children, helping to teach them to count – by volume, numbers and shapes, there are the standard blocks, plus three wheel bases, three building plates and a creative sticker sheet.

All three toys are for ages 1+ years.

Reviewers Opinion

The Build-n-Learn Table is a creative and fun toy. My 15 month old is very content with the blocks. The legs of the table don’t always appear to be very sturdy so I have to keep an eye when he tries to pull himself up by holding onto the table. The stickers are very colourful and add a bit more fun to the blocks, some might say the blocks are a little loose at sticking together but personally I think they are ideal for little hands. All in all I think this a fabulous toy, it is robust, fairly tidy and easy to transport, with the added bonus of being good value for money.

The Big Building Bag (classic 80 piece) is a great addition to any other Mega Bloks toy you have and also as a toy on its own. My son loves creating things, from towers to cars! His favourite piece being the attachable wheelbase which is great for making trucks of any size. Again, the blocks may be criticised for being slightly loose to stick together, but I think they are just right for little hands that wouldn’t be strong enough to pull them apart if they were any stiffer. To finish off this great product, the blocks come in a portable, pvc free bag which is great for when we travel.

The 1-2-3 Learning Train is my favourite of the three products as I find it a great all round toy. It is great for teaching my son about numbers and shapes while still being fun. I am looking forward to him getting the hang of matching up the numbers and images. I think this is great value for money as there is a surprising amount in the box! When the train is built up my son will sit very contented for quite some time. All in all I really like this toy as it combines fun and education for your younger child.

All three products come with compatible blocks which is an added bonus.

Essex Baby Rating

We have found all three of these toys very easy to rate as they are all great in our opinion! The Mega Bloks Build-n-Learn Table rates a 4 out of 5 and this is simply down to the slightly flimsy legs. Both the Mega Bloks Big Building Bag and the 1-2-3 Learning Train rate a 5 out of 5 as they are simply great products!

All three are great value for money, sturdy, fun and educational toys for children aged 1+years. We will be recommending them to our Essex Baby mums!

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