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Tag: baby led weaning

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By Louise Wheeler6 June 2015

More families adopting 'best of both' approach to weaning

Many families across the UK are now combining spoon-led weaning with the newer trend for baby-led weaning, a new survey has suggested. Read more

By Ni Der Lander,
By Lyndsay North13 October 2013

Weaning - What should I feed my baby?

So if you've read my previous blog, you'll know that weaning is recommended from 6 months old, and that baby led versus puree will probably be a bone of contention for some time to come!

So this week I'm moving on to nutrition, healthy foods, junk foods, home made foods, jars and packets of ready made, etc. As if weaning isn't confusing enough! Read more
By goldenKB,
By Lyndsay North18 August 2013

Parenting under Pressure - Weaning - whats right?

Aah, the age old topic, sparking many a discussion between mummies who all want to do what's best for their baby! Read more