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Tag: baby sleep

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By Louise Wheeler5 June 2015

Babies SHOULD wake at night, new research finds

New research conducted by Swansea University challenges the idea that babies should be sleeping through the night. The study also found that formula feeding or giving solid food did not affect the number of wakings. Read more

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By Louise Wheeler21 May 2015

Can I sleep train a baby with reflux?

Getting a good night’s sleep with a baby can be difficult at the best of times, but when your little one is diognoised with a condition such as reflux it can seem almost impossible. Sleep consultant Judy Clark, of BabyWinkz, shares her advice for sleep training a baby with reflux. Read more

Image by Sander van der Wel
By Louise Wheeler23 April 2015

Night weaning a bottle fed baby

What do you do if your older baby is still waking in the night for a bottle and you would like to break the habit? Sleep consultant Judy Clark, of BabyWinkz, shares her advice for night weaning a bottle fed baby. Read more

By Louise Wheeler2 February 2015

How to nurture your very own Happy Sleeper

Here’s a fact: all babies wake up at night. The difference between the so-called good sleepers and bad sleepers is what they do when they wake up. Some roll over, grab their blankies or loveys, tuck their knees under them, and fall asleep again. Others call out for help to be soothed back to sleep. Read more