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Tag: fertility treatment

Image by Mark Way
By Louise Wheeler5 May 2015

7 Bizarre Fertility Rituals and Festivals

While they may not be the first thing you turn to when trying to conceive, many ancient fertility rituals and festivals have survived into the modern era. Read more

Image by AFP/Getty Images
By Louise Wheeler28 April 2015

65-year-old woman pregnant with quadruplets

A 65-year-old mum of 13 has become the oldest person in the world to be pregnant with quadruplets, German media have reported. Read more

By Louise Wheeler12 March 2015

First births for Baddow fertility clinic

An Essex-based fertility clinic has celebrated the births of some very special babies. Read more

By Louise Wheeler22 February 2015

Couple praise Essex IVF clinic for miracle baby

For Rachel and Tom Hinsbey, the road to parenthood was far from easy. Now as they approach their baby’s first birthday, the Chelmsford couple are keen to show their appreciation to the fertility clinic that helped their dreams come true. Read more