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Tag: health

By Louise Wheeler4 March 2015

World's first anti-ageing chocolate

A whole host of new beauty products and potions have swamped the market over the past few decades. Consumers across the world have an extraordinary array of treatments to choose from: fish pedicures, artic ice rooms, snail facials, and now… anti-ageing chocolate! Read more

By Louise Wheeler2 March 2015

Essex Scarlet Fever Warning

Public Health England (PHE) have released a statement asking parents, schools and GPs to look out for signs of scarlet fever as bouts of the illness hit Essex and Anglia. Read more

By Louise Wheeler1 March 2015

Canvey dad helps deliver baby using TV tips

A Canvey dad who delivered his second daughter has described how baby books and TV programmes helped to prepare him for the big moment. Read more

Lisa Rosario Photography
By Louise Wheeler5 February 2015

Three-parent babies will ‘offer hope’

On 3rd February 2015, MPs in the House of Commons made a historic vote on three-parent babies and the reformation of the 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act. Read more