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Image by Thomas
By Louise Wheeler5 June 2015

Forget milestones - All babies are different!

Blogger and mum-of-one, Ami Roberts, reminds us that baby "milestones" should be approached with a pinch of salt.

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Image by Heipei
By mummy spam20 May 2015

Pregnancy and Baby Books: Help or Hindrance?

Blogger and mum-of-one, Ami Roberts, shares her thoughts on the value of pregnancy and baby books in the first in a brand new series of blogs from My Mummy Spam. Read more

By ninaredden21 April 2015

The Gap Between Siblings

Is there such a thing as ‘perfect gap’ between babies? Mummy blogger, Nina Redden, discusses the complicated issues that parents face when they begin to think about the gap between siblings. Read more

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By ninaredden31 March 2015

Revival of the reward chart!

Although I feel as though my toddler is no longer in the depths of the terrible twos, I did say that we still get the typical toddler behaviour to deal with. Maybe I took my eye off the ball and became a little complacent, but it feels as though this latest phase has really crept up on me. Read more