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Tag: Pregnancy

Image by Eugene Luchinin
By Dr. Chig Amin1 June 2015

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Being vigilant about your oral hygiene is always important, but if you are pregnant it takes on another level of significance. This is because how you take care of your mouth and teeth during those nine months could affect not only your own oral health, but also your baby’s oral health too. Read more

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By Louise Wheeler31 May 2015

Mum thanks midwives for home birth dream come true

Lisa Spelling was looking forward to a healthy, happy pregnancy, except that her weight meant that medical professionals had labelled her as “high risk.” Read more

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By liz shaw25 May 2015

Woman gives birth to twins with different dads

A new mum has given birth to twins who have different fathers. In a landmark case, the mothers former boyfriend will now pay for one of the twins, after it was confirmed that another man had fathered the twin. Read more

Image by Mark Way
By Louise Wheeler5 May 2015

7 Bizarre Fertility Rituals and Festivals

While they may not be the first thing you turn to when trying to conceive, many ancient fertility rituals and festivals have survived into the modern era. Read more

By Louise Wheeler20 March 2015

Three Pregnant Dads: How will they cope?

Have you ever wondered how men would cope if they had to undergo the aches and pains of pregnancy? Three fathers are attempting to discover the answer by wearing two-and-a-half stone baby bumps for a month. Read more