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Tag: weaning

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By Louise Wheeler6 June 2015

More families adopting 'best of both' approach to weaning

Many families across the UK are now combining spoon-led weaning with the newer trend for baby-led weaning, a new survey has suggested. Read more

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By Louise Wheeler5 June 2015

Babies SHOULD wake at night, new research finds

New research conducted by Swansea University challenges the idea that babies should be sleeping through the night. The study also found that formula feeding or giving solid food did not affect the number of wakings. Read more

By Louise Wheeler14 April 2015

Natural Alternatives to ‘Sweet’ Baby Weaning Foods to Avoid Early Tooth Decay

Dr Jenny Kabir, head dentist and founder of the Fresh Dental Smile Clinic, offers some natural alternatives to sweet baby weaning foods to help children avoid early tooth decay. Read more