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Tag: working mum

By Louise Wheeler23 May 2015

Does your child need a 'daddy doll'?

An Australian mum has designed a 'daddy doll' that is intended to help children cope with a parent’s absence. Read more

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By Louise Wheeler10 February 2015

Join Daisy Baby Chain!

Daisy Baby is one of our favourite destinations for beautiful baby carriers, breastfeeding accessories and lots of wonderful attachment products for new parents. Read more

Image by Aurimas Mikalauskas
By Louise Wheeler4 February 2015

Breastfeeding not 'appropriate' at breastfeeding conference

Breastfeeding mums who were invited to attend a Scottish Government-backed breastfeeding conference were left fuming after being told that they could not feed their babies at the event. Read more

By Stuart Miles,
By David Vaughan12 April 2014

Tax-free childcare explained

Do you know that childcare vouchers are being replaced with a ‘Tax-Free Childcare Account’? Financial Planner, and Essex Baby blogger, David Vaughan, is on hand to explain the ins and outs of this new scheme. Read more

By Tracy Williams Photography
By Tamsin Malone30 March 2014

Desperate not to leave my baby

The looming deadline of returning to work after being on maternity leave can leave lots of women feeling heartbroken and desperate at the thought of having to leave their baby every day. Here, one mum describes how she got through the experience and discovered that it wasn't as bad as she'd feared. Read more