Woman gives birth to twins with different dads

A new mum has given birth to twins who have different fathers. In a landmark case, the mothers former boyfriend will now pay for one of the twins, after it was confirmed that another man had fathered the twin.

The mother initially named her former boyfriend as the father of the twins, but before the maternity papers were signed she admitted to having sex with another man a week after she believed she had conceived. A paternity test was taken to determine the father, with the results revealing that mothers former boyfriend was almost definitely the father of one of the twins but not the other. As a result, the former boyfriend will only pay child support to one of the twins, around £18 per week for his daughter.

It has been considered medically impossible, but a woman can give birth to twins with two fathers if she has sex with the two men within the same week. The rare situation occurs during the menstrual cycle when a woman releases two eggs, which are then fertilised by different men. It is a more common occurrence for the same man to fertilise two eggs during separate incidences of sex.

It is also possible for a woman to conceive each twin weeks or, more amazingly, months apart. in 2009, Julia Grovenberg, from Arkansas, USA, conceived a second child two and half weeks after initially becoming pregnant. Both of the babies were successfully delived by Caesarean section, and Julia became one of only eleven women reported to have conceived whilst already pregnant.

Source: Mirror