Y-cam HomeMonitor HD

Essex Baby Review

Are you ever worried about security in your home, or what the dog has been doing while you’re out? Well, we have been asked to review the Y-cam HomeMonitor HD  to see if this could be an option for some of us.


The Y-cam HomeMonitor HD allows parents to keep an eye on children of all ages; whether they at home with them or staying with the babysitter. They can access the footage from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, PC or connected TV. What’s more the camera, which offers audio feedback, night vision and WiFi connectivity, comes with seven days free recording and cloud storage, so parents can rest easy that the footage is safe from opportunistic hackers.

Y-cam HomeMonitor HD will also alert you should any motion be detected and will start recording five seconds before so you don’t miss a thing – all for free!

Reviewer's Opinion

When I found out I was reviewing a home monitoring system I was very excited as I liked the idea of our home being more secure and also I have dogs that I could keep an eye on too. I found a lot of positives and a few negatives so, here goes:

- Very easy to configure and set up
- Very easy to use from PC, IPhone, IPad
- Very reliable (only had to reset it once in 5-6 weeks, and I think it would have sorted itself out)
- Always gets a strong signal
- Very easy to administer remotely through the web interface
- Very good quality sound recordings

However, there was one negative;

-The motion detection software is extremely sensitive (I woke up to 50 email notifications of movement during the night, mainly moths that had been attracted to the inferred).

Essex Baby Rating

We have taken all the information into account and, as the system retails at £149.99, we find that it is a little over priced considering some of the lack in quality. All in all we have rated this product a 4 out of 5.

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